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Smooth Jazz Entertainment

As avid lovers of live comedy & live jazz music, the co-founders of Smooth Jazz Entertainment joined forces to create an entertainment company that wove together the best of both worlds.  After all, who doesn’t love a good laugh & great music!


Creating a “memorable live entertainment experience” is the cornerstone of Smooth Jazz Entertainment’s business model.  Keenly understanding that their business objective could only be realized by putting together a team of highly talented & diverse professionals from all facets of the entertainment & hospitality industry, such as highly talented musical artist, outrageously funny comedians, on-air radio personalities, well-known local DJ’s, social media platform specialist, sound & production engineers, decorators, caterers, hospitality service personnel & others.  


With both co-founders having extensive ownership experience in the retail business, night club, restaurant, & live music entertainment there was a clear vision for a new type of live entertainment venues that fused together live music, comedy, dancing & food in a social gathering atmosphere.  Live music & comedy being universally accepted as one of the main social activities that crosses socioeconomic & ethnic boundaries, Smooth Jazz Entertainment promotes positive social interaction within our community.  With both co-owners being retired military, creating a community service oriented business that's focused on enjoyment & positive interaction within the community is a natural extension of their prior military careers.  


Our goal is for every customer that visits any of our live entertainment venues leaves with an everlasting memorable experience they will want to share with family & friends for years to come.

Image by Tobias Nii Kwatei Quartey


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